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Posted By on Aug 4, 2015

The world is changing, and we as web designers often think that IT standards are exception to this rule, but they are changing much faster than trends in other industries. Just remember the changes that appeared in TV industry, classical photography or music retailing. What will be the major changes in nearby future that will affect web designers?

You should focus on just one thing – content of your site. Modern web design is focused only on content, on presenting relevant content. Period. Users do not want astonishing graphics and sensational intros, spinning logos and sparkling effects. They want content and nothing more. If you can provide good, relevant content you will be successful in modern IT marketing. One of the greatest trends in modem IT developing is that business switched from office centered operating model to individual, home based model. Business is not perceived as static activity, it is accepted as dynamic, and goal oriented set of actions.

Recently many companies decided to quit office business model and they are operating on internal teams. Such a decision is extremely important in terms of productivity, but it also reduces total cost of production. If you are web designer such change as a good news, you will be able to work from your home and be focused on your productivity and creativity instead of unimportant job related issues. Nowadays it is not enough to code good quality HTML and CSS, web design means much more in today’s competitive world. There are many online solutions that are enabling designers to skip coding until HTML and CSS coding becomes a skill of the past. Website design is also changing and you, as web designer should follow current trends. The content is being set free from design and burden of graphical elements such as animated gifs and high resolution images. There are certain tips and tricks that may help you to make this design shift without trials and errors. As we already mentioned, content is all important, try to focus exclusively on developing precise and relevant content. You should include Search Engine Optimization from the very beginning, because nowadays it is one of the most important factors that determine failure or success of your website.

Future web design and IT marketing will be focused on SEO in terms of placing keywords in the content, automatically generating high ranking and online visibility. Remember that you need relevant content, not just nonsense sentences and words on your page, you need relevant content. The success in modern web design is closely related with SEO and content management in such degree that design becomes a tool for SEO optimization. So, keep in touch with current web design trends and be ready to change your outdated habits and IT skills. Until then, be creative!

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Best SEO Tips

Posted By on Jul 31, 2015

Search engine optimization is the most important aspect of modern marketing strategy. In this article we will share practical tips and tricks that will improve ranking of your page and generate significant traffic for your site.
SEO Tip #1: it’s all about Keywords

Choosing right keywords is extremely important part of your search engine optimization, in such a degree, that we may say that it is crucial for online success. You should invest some time and money into finding the best keywords, optimizing your website for keywords that are not even being searched for is simply a waste of time. You should take advantage of SEO tools and SEO software offers by the search engines themselves and try to find the best keywords, those that turn searches into purchases. The best practices is to use SEO tool for keyword research and at the same time try to create categories of keywords. Sometimes you will be surprised with new suggestions and ideas that you may find during your searching. With such approach you can easily target your ad groups with suitable and precise keywords.
SEO Tip #2: Reveal the secrets of your competitors

It is important to know what your competitors are doing, try to find out what keywords they are using and how many incoming links they have. First step is to classify your competitors and analyze their ranking. If they are better than you, try to understand exactly what are they doing and try to implement such strategies in your own SEO techniques. Focus on several extremely important criteria like quality and quantity of links, rank in the search engines, keywords in the title of linking page, percentage of links containing specific keywords, popularity of the linking domain, and other important subjects. When researching your competitor try to see what keyword you find in the links to their Site Map page and view the HTML title and meta tags of their homepages.
SEO Tip #3 Original content

Genetic content is something that you should avoid as a plague. In today’s online marketing world only original content can bring some success in your search engine optimization. The content should be original and unique if you want to attain higher ranking in the search engine results. Try to focus on quality, rather than quantity of your articles. Of course, the quantity is important, but the content must be original. Try to place supportive facts and references in your article and always add something funny or interesting, like animation or funny video. Place call to action accompanied with charts, references and interesting examples. If you have discount, promotion or interesting offer include it into article. The good strategy is to get the blog and promote yourself as an authority and your chosen field.

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When doing online searches, one will definitely realize that the do the searches a little differently than they used to a few years back. This is for the simple reason that the search engines optimization has also changed. To be able to have more traffic going into your website, there are 10 On-Page SEO Tips to Use in 2015 that might be helpful when incorporated into your plan.seo-tips-for-bloggers

1. Use co-varieties of Keyword in Content

With Google announcing that co-varieties of keywords will also be used in paid search words, incorporating them into content is important. With this new strategy being placed in the forefront by Google, one can use it as a marketing tool and thus avoid stuffing keywords into content as Google is helping in ensuring that the website is seen more.

2. Link using image texting

To be able to grow linking to your website, it is best to do so by linking the images by adding text into it. This way linking will be done by both content and image.

3. Optimize site by use of one Keyword and Topic

Rs-modern-hospitalOne of the most important in the list of 10 On-Page SEO Tips to Use in 2015 is by optimizing site by use of one keyword. With penalties arising by stuffing articles with Keywords, this approach will ensure that the important elements in a page get ranked properly, as they are visible. Throughout the page from the heading the topic should be able to flow naturally.

4. Increase the speed of your site

Another tip that falls in the 10 On-Page SEO Tips to Use in 2015 to use is increasing the speed in which the site operates. This comes in handy as the user will eventually document their experience, and as that help in ranking. In simple terms the faster the loading, the higher the rankings of your website will be. Here on chattanooga SEO audit you can find out how to increase speed of your site

5. Optimize titles

With the fact that Google only displays 60 characters of the title of an article, one should use it best and make a compelling title. This way with the keyword at the front of title, the titles become more optimized and more appealing.

6. Use proper heading tags

heading tags 1Headings usually tell the reader of what to expect in content. In this regard by using the proper heading tags, search engines will rate the importance of the content by the HTML view. Generic words like �products’ should not be used.

7. Add more natural links

The reality on the ground is that Google still uses the quality of inbound links when it comes to the ranking process. In this regard in 2015, by adding more natural inbound links to your content, you will be able to be known as a quality website and thus higher rankings and more views.

8. Use of HTTPS

Google has been in the forefront of ensuring that the use of traditional HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is not used. In this case they have been ranking the ones that use HTTPS higher. To be able to get higher ranking shifting to use it is advisable. In addition to that it reduces the chances of getting your site hacked.HTTPS

9. Mobile friendly

With more people using their mobiles more than desktops in searches, making your site more mobile friendly will ensure that it gets more rankings. This can be done by ensuing that the loading time is quick and no blocked pages exist.

10. Use short descriptive URL’s

URLs are in all means the first in line when it comes to page rankings. In this case in the list of 10 On-Page SEO Tips to Use in 2015, one should strive on making websites URLs easy to crawl. This you can do simply by shortening the URL and making sure it is connected to content and keyword.

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